Neville Soll


South Africa



January 2009
I am now back at work after  my trip to Hong Kong and Brisbane.

At the Big 8 in Colorado I ran in the 880 and a 440 leg in a relay. I did my personal best times in both of those races. The runners in the 880 at the end of the first lap with their finishing positions and times are as follows:
Stone 2nd 1:50.4
Hagen 1st 1:49.2
Thornton 4th 1:51.9
Mac Fadden 6th 1:53.5
Soll 5th 1:53.2
Grosek 3rd 1:51.7
Leonard 7th 1:53.7

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Second from the right is either Dee Givens or Mark Sullivan. I think the runner second from the left is Richard Sinclair. It could be Dick Neff standing behind the fence.

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