Johnny Pellow


1617 Canary DLane
Edmond, OK 73034

1211 N. Shartel #800
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My Events and Best Performances at OU
1958 Kansas Relay Meet: Event: Sprint Medley.
Gary Parr, Ponca City, OK started with a quarter mile. Dee Givens, Lawton OK followed witha 220 yearder. I, Johnny Pellow, Enid, OK, was next with another 220 yarder and, finally, Gail Hodgson, South Africa , finished with a half mile. Thanks to Gail Hodgson's 1:46 half mile we broke the WORLD RECORD!

I still have a 1958 Kansas Relay Watch given to us for winning the race. ON the back of the watch it reads: SPRINT MEDLEY - WORLD'S RECORD of time: 3:19.5. By the way, the watch still runs.

But, the rest of the story: Gail, Dee, and Gary were all at the very top of their special events. This race was a 9:30AM event and was to be just a warm-up for the three top stars. This was the first race that I had been in since injuring my right Hamstring Muscle two months before this race. I was just a fill-in chosen at the last minute. I remember Coach Carroll telling us just to relax and use this Sprint Medley Race as a warmup before the real afternoon races began. WE BROKE THE WORLD RECORD.

If you liked this story, you might like to hear how I obtained the first place medal for the 75-year dash at the 1959 winter Michigan State relay indoor meet. Dee Givens set a meet record for the 75 yard dash that day. But I have the first place medal. Therefore, after all these years , you wouldthink that I had won the race. Maybe, Maybe not?

My years in track and football at OU have influenced my life. I still meet many of my fellow athetes for lunch at least once a month and always attend the "O" Club Alumnae weekend in the spring.

Bio. Going on 40 years as a Physical Therapist in Private Practice., Oklahoma City, OK.
Past President "O" Club 1999-2001, Board of Directors, "O" Club, OU Football Letterman's Association.




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