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December 10, 2007

Well, Folks,  
It’s been more than a year since we’ve added information to the original OU Track website (   But in the past week, my cousin  Bobby Herwig, who created this from scratch,  got off her derriere and put in a picture of J.D. (1961) and   Mike Lindsay  (1961) and then an album of photos of Walt Mizell (1964) and his family on safari in South Africa.  Then she slapped in some info on my recent trip into Central and East Africa.  On top of that Mike Gregory (1968?) has sent some info in about his being inducted into the American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame.  This was the biggest news of the past year, and I apologize, Mike, for sitting on it for so long.   

Then as those news and pic’s came in ,  two more bits arrived this week.   A co-worker of Mike Silvey found the site and sent in Mike’s address which has been added to our files, and I got an email from Randall Veltkamp (1974?) giving us some details about himself.  I remember reading of  Randy’s exploits in T&F News when we were living in Canada in the mid 70’s.

Since starting this site 2 or 3 years ago I’ve gotten to know several of you I’d never met in the past (Bill Jacobs and Bill Blewett),  and corresponded with many who had forgotten we’d ever met or been on a team together.  Bill Jacobs sent me Jake’s personal scrapbook, much of which we scanned and will be putting up shortly.  Several of his clippings go back to 1918.  A number of  university coaches have seen the site and tried to get their former athletes to imitate the it, but to my knowledge, no one has gotten theirs off the ground.

The biggest thanks though must be to Bobby Herwig, my cousin ,  who lovingly put this idea together, did the art work and graphics design (OK , so Ebert seems to be running the wrong way.  It’s called Artistic License), ass kicking and pushing me to keep pestering you guys for your thoughts and photos.   Please send her all your loose change, as she’s spending Christmas in Paris.  

Thank all of you for your stories, letters, pictures and thoughts.  And thank you Jake, Bill, J.D.,  Jill,  Rodney, and Martin and all the wonderful assistant coaches for all you’ve done and continue to do for young kids trying to find their way around a track or cross country course on their way the big world.

All the best for 2008,   GO SOONERS!

George Brose (1965)

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