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Coach Bill Carroll

(Taken from the Oklahoma Track and Field Brochure 1964)
   Jumpy as a sackful of bullfrongs before major meets, Bill Carroll has built the Sooners into a Big Eight and national track power in his five years as head coach. He delivered a stirring pep talk to his 1962 team before it won the Big Eight title. But several members took a tape-recording of the speech and presented it to Carroll at a victory celebration following the meet. "Talk about guff," Carroll grinned.
   Carroll's teams, kept loose with such diversions, have won two Big Eight outdoor championships and one Big Eight indoor title. His 1962 vaulted from a fifth place finish indoors to the outdoor title.
   In 1959, teh Sooners trotted to second place in the Big Eight, then spurted to fourth in the NCAA.
   Before Carroll took over as head coach in 1959, the Sooners had not won a conference ittle since 1935. Carroll accomplished that feat in his second year here.
   When Carroll's 1960 team won the Big Eight indoor crown, it broke a Kansas streak of eight consecutive titles. When his 1961 Sooners toppled the Jayhawkers outdoors, they snapped a Kansas string of nine straight team championships.
   Carroll was a champion pole vaulter while attending Okemah high school and OU. He soared to the state high school championship in 1943, then to second in the NCAA in 1949. He was voted teh outstanding athlete at the 1950 Kansas Relays after vaulting 14-5. He wond the conference pole vaulting title four times.
   Carroll returned to Oklahoma in 1956 to assist John Jacobs, his old coach. He earlier coached at Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas, and Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Kentucky.
   In 1959 Carroll was elected by his fellow coaches to lead an all-star team through Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. In 1963 he coached the United States military track team to teh Conseil Invitational du Sport Militaire (CIMS) championships title in The Netherlands. That was the equivalent to the Olympics for sevicemen.

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