Walter Cronkite interviews an OU athlete in 1937 from the photo gallery in the VIP box at Owen Stadium.
Joe Don Looney, the legend ...(more)
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2007 - Mike Gregory inducted into the American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame

Big 8 Track Results
Big 8 Indoor Championships

Lindsay, Sullivan, 1962 wrapup of 1961 season


1964 8 page Track & Field Brochure
April 1964. Watson, Bagley, Deramus 100yd dash
440.Watson, Deramus, Bagley, Griffin


1965 8 page Track & Field Brochure
1965 Track & Field Schedule

1966 Track & Field Brochure

1967 Track & Field Brochure

Date Unknown:
Walt Mizell refuses to give up lead in OU-AZ Relay
OU Relay Quartet to Vie at Chicago
Wes Santee waits too long to pass
Fredrik Eckhoff - Missouri Valley Conference
Bruce Drummond wins mile run Drummond sets OK AAU record at 4:14.3
Drummond wins Jerry Thompson mile 4:12.3 which tied meet record
Don Crabtree wins Big 7 indoor at 1:54.6
McCormick, Crabtree, Wilkinson
Crabtree, McCormick 2-mile relay
Lee, Scully, Shunatona and Beeler - mile relay

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