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11-15-2004 Gary Knapp

Gary updates


Hi George:You're doing a great job on the web site! Thanks for the note. How did you remember that Steve Swafford gave me that nickname? He also gave his roommate, Mark Sullivan, the name of "Vun", and we called him "Duh."
I was on the coaching staff at Regis Jesuit High School, and we were selected to play one of our games in Coors Field here in Denver. So it was great for our kids as they were very excited. I also had the opportunity to coach with one of the fathers of a boy on my team (something we Never do - i.e. use fathers as coaches). But since it was Walt Weiss, a former short stop with the Rockies, I didn't mind. Walt was also the Rookie of the year with Oakland, and also played with Atlanta, and a few other teams before he retired. He was great!!
We book professional film-makers to perform our travelogues, and have a series here in Denver. You can check out this industry which operates in both the US and Canada at their web site www.travelfilms.org and go to shows then work your way down to Denver. We also have our own site at www.far-horizons-denver.com Check this out for further write ups of our shows.Thanks for the interest. Again, the OU Track site is just great. Thanks for all your work in putting it together.

Best Regards,



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