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06-25-2005 J.D. Martin

Search for new track coach


George, I though I would update you on the search for a new track coach. I am on the search committee and we have narrowed the field to four. Martin Smith of Oregon, J.J. Clark or Tennessee, Chris Bucknam of Northern Iowa and Mike Maynard of Bosie St.

Martin Smith has interviewed and is quite impressive. Castegleon is doing a phone interview with Clark today and will determine whether or not we bring him in for a visit.They are probably the to two.

Martin Smith won the PAC 10 the past two years at Oregon and finished 6th in the NCAA.His 4 x 4 ran 3:00.5 for the fastest time ever run and not win. He was at Wisconsin for 15 years and they won the Big 10 some while there.

Just though you might be interested and may want to put this on the web site.


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