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03-02-2006 Bill Schnier

Comments on Sooner Tracks Website

Thanks for sending me your website. I woke up at 3:30 this morning and have spent the past two hours looking at it and reading the many comments. It is really interesting. The photos from the 1960's bring back many memories for me. Although the people were different the situations were much the same with dirt indoor tracks, cinder outdoor tracks, make-do facilities all the way around. The uniforms were usually Champion and the spikes heavy based on today's standards. Your comments on interval training were great. It seems as if you were a few distance runs away from some awesome races, yet a 4:09 was still quite an accomplishment. I enjoyed seeing Mihaly Igloi, Joe Don Looney, Byron Berline and others of more national fame. We will have a big UC reunion on April 22 in conjunction with the Southern Ohio Cup. This would be quite a good idea to duplicate this type of
website for our people. I will not be doing it but someone can. I will use you as a source if needed. The best alumni organ I have ever seen was a seasonal magazine put out by my next door neighbor when we lived in West Virginia, Col. Benjamin. It was called the Alumni Record and he kept people up to date on everything present at
Greenbrier Military School as well as the updates on alumni. He was uncanny in his ability to connect people with pictures, quotes and quips. He died a long time ago but I still have many of his magazines in the basement in the
archives of my humble museum.In any case your website is by far the best website I have ever seen
and is able to accomplish the same purposes of the one I just talked about. Keep on adding
to it. I personally enjoy your era but maybe you could get more recent eras as well. Just a thought from a current coach.

I'll share this website with others.
Bill Schnier



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