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02-08-2006 Paul Ebert

Distance runners book and 1963 season

I've started a book of great distance runners with pics & their stories etc.At the Texas Relays I was suppose to run only the 1500, but someone wasn't there so I was given a leg on the 2 mile relay. A break for me because the shorter faster was good for me and I probably did more half miles, but its for points and in most meets outdoors I was good for 2 first places (MILE & TWO MILE). And we had a large group of half milers Wilcox, leonard, Stewart, Smith, Mizell, NEFF,Soll, Du Plessis and maybe a few more.

In 1963 I was on my way (army-latc) with a great x country season, but Icame downwith mono after the first of the year (1964) So no 1964 track season. and after the service for many years there were all-comers meets and a lot of cross country meets. Lots of times good runners would show up. I ran 4:18 to 4:30 and 1:58 to 2:03 in the half . Some firsts, but most were 2nd and 3rd. A lot of memories, but we all have to move on. I had a chance to officiate high School meets, but the butterflies were to much. One of my grandsons ran cross country. He was a skate boarder until three days before first meet he decided to run and in that meet he was the top runner for Carson High (about 3500 students). They ran all their meets in San Pedro (roughest course in Area). He continued to move up & beat runners that had beat him previously. And he didn't go out for track, I think he would have done real well because the people he was running against were 4:20 milers. That was his senior year. More Later Paul. Thanks Again for the pic of Bill.


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