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02-07-2006 Paul Ebert

Brose, Vietnam and LATC pic

George, I noted that u were with stop watch, do u officiate track meets? Also seen your trip down the Miami River.

Any way there was an article entitled" Military Police of the VietnamWar" and there was a pic of an MP named Brose( So.Dakota). U can probably bring it up on the web site named above. He was a member of the 720th MP Bn, that was my unit in 1963 at Ft Hood, Texas. 3 Yrs later they were in Vietnam. Hope u received packet. Next I will try to copy & send each year 60,61, & 62 with additional pics. Maybe one at a time. Found another LATC pic &: on it are Ray Hughs (ranked 10th in 10000 1964) also Hal Higdon who has written a number of books on distance training. I wish I would have wrote all those names down on the pics, oh well life goes on. Hope everything is fine write when u can.

And I think your project of the web site is wonderful and informative. More later.Paul


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