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01-26-2006 Bill Blewett

J.D. and Shane Slovacek photo


I recently ran across this old photo of J.D. talking to Shane Slovacek, a quartermiler. It was taken in 1968 or 69. Gary Lower is in the background.
Your mentioning Mihaly Igloi brings back some memories. In the summer of 1970, while visiting in L.A., I ran a couple of workouts with Igloi's team on the wide median of San Vicente Blvd in Santa Monica. Rick Carr a miler for USC had gone to high school in Lawton before moving back to California (his big brother, Dennis Carr, who once held the national prep record for the 880 at 1:48.8) and Rick was being coached by Igloi at the time. One workout was something like 30 quarters with a 220 jog between, and it killed my legs.


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