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A sad day for distance running.  Ted Corbitt has died.  I have sent this article to many in the UC running community since he was a UC grad , even though he was not all that well treated while competing for the Bearcats.  I hope you can read some of the articles below , especially the interview at the bottom.  I was able to speak with him on three occasions , the last being at our track reunion banquet at which he spoke , although quietly.  He was very possibly the most humble man I have ever met , yet he accomplished so much.  He is in the UC Hall of Fame , and deservedly so.  I just wanted to let you know about Ted.      

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Ted Corbitt, well known as the "Father of Long Distance Running, has died after a long illness.

Ted was a leader in ultrarunning and road course measurement. Although he ran almost 200 marathons and ultra-races during his lifetime, he actually had his start as a sprinter in Cincinnati. Ted ran his first marathon at the age of 32 and never looked back. He represented the United States in the 1952 Olympics and founded the New York Road Runners.

Here are a series of links on one of the great heroes of distance running:

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