Date: 07-03-2004
Hial Gernert
Let's demonstrate that track alums are a viable resource for doing things at OU.

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  Out of curiosity I am interested to know where you got the list of sooners found in the Sooners tab. Bully and I have spent a lot of time and money on improving the track alumni list which is housed with the OU athletic department. I hope you were able to access this list. And just so you know...Bully (Owen M. Hewett) is a major resource of a lot of information and especially Jake trivia and info. As you may know..Bully and I attempted to raise money for naming rights to the new Track grand stands (for J. D. Martin) and of course I raised the money from track alums for the naming rights for Owen M. Hewett, $50,000 (a total surprise to him by the way). In the process I raised an additional $50,000 that got disbursed among others and bully raised another $100,000 or so that got allocated to J.D. Martin, but it wasn't enough to get the job done. We need $250,000 to accomplish this mission. I would be interested to hear back from you on how we could raise money for the track program while at the same time get the job done for Goose using your new website. I understand about the SEC and all that, but by informing our alums of our plight here maybe we can show Joe Consiglione that we are really good alums and really care about the track program at OU. What do you think?

It would really be great to be able to demonstrate to Consiglione that track alums are a viable resource for doing things for OU. You may not know but Consiglione directed over $750,000 from other (non-track) alums to the track effort and further allocated several million dollars to the new track facilities from the Great Expectations (money raising) program. I think a total of about $4,000,000 was spent on behalf of track and field. We as track alums need to step up to the plate and send money to OU. I have lots of information on the Great Expectations program and a list of all that I contacted etc, if your interested to learn more. There are still lots of naming rights to be issued like the Indoor track, outdoor track Grandstands, Indoor track Grandstands, video and teaching room, Colannade of Champions, women's locker room, coaches offices, sponsorship of student athletes lockers, High jump pit, pole vault pit, Hammer throw event area, discus and shot put areas and more if you want them.

Have a nice 4th of July weekend and thanks again for doing this website.
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