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12-12-07 Bill Schnier

A sad day for distance running.  Ted Corbitt has died.  I have sent this article to many in the UC running community since he was a UC grad , even though he was not all that well treated while competing for the Bearcats.  (more)

11-08-07 Walt Mizell George, you will get a kick out of this.  Mark Brady's brother getting the glad hand from the President of France. (video)
03-02-06 Bill Schnier
(Track & CC coach-U of Cincinnati)
George,Thanks for sending me your website. I woke up at 3:30 this morning and have spent the past two hours looking at it and reading the many comments....(more)
02-09-06 Walt Mizell Bill, Thanks for a great story. I guess you had the privilege--or indignity--of competing against Ryun....(more)
02-08-06 Bill Blewett Jim Ryun won the Big 8 mile that year in 4:08.5. If you look closely at the photo you'll see my nostrils flaring ...(more)
02-08-06 Walt Mizell So, Bill, how did it come out?(George forwarded your email with the 1967 picture to me.)
02-08-06 Bill Blewett Here is a photo taken at the quarter mile mark of the 1967 Big 8 Mile at Norman. Notables in the race are Jim Ryun of Kansas (lane 2), Conrad Nightengale of Kansas State (behind Ryun), Tom Laubert of OSU, and Allen Russell of Kansas (outside). I'm on the inside lane.
02-08-06 Paul Ebert I've started a book of great distance runners with pics & their stories etc.At the Texas Relays ...(more)
02-07-06 George Brose Paul - Received your packet. Great shots. A couple of them I took myself. The ones a Texas relays. ...(more)
02-07-06 Paul Ebert George, I noted that u were with stop watch, do u officiate track meets? Also seen your trip down the Miami River...(more)
01-26-06 Bill Blewett I recently ran across this old photo of J.D. talking to Shane Slovacek, a quartermiler. It was taken in 1968 or 69.....(more)


JD Martin

George, I though I would update you on the search for a new track coach. I am on the search committee ...(more)

03-17-05 Frank Deramus George: Here are a few pictures (#1, 2, 3, 4, 5) I was able to copy from an old scrapbook. ...(more)


Gary Knapp

Hi George:You're doing a great job on the web site! Thanks for the note. How did you remember ...(more)

09-15-04 Steve Fisher Here are intensely personal biographical sketches of two luminaries of the OU Athletics Department ...(more)
09-09-04 Bill Jacobs I was recalling a couple of track trivia that might be of interest.Prior to 1952 the conference (Big 7)...(more)
08-22-04 Ann Paul
OU, Athletic Department
This is such a great idea! I would love to use this site as a resource for us to keep updated with former track athletes.Thank you for informing me of this great resource.
08-20-04 Glenn Collins Built for Speed, and Local Pride (read about the new New York City Randalls Island running track)
08-20-04 George Brose I want to recommend a great new track book called "The Perfect Mile" by Neal Bascomb. It details the quest for the 4 minute mile by Bannister, Landy, and Santee which will be particularly intersting to those of us who were present in those times and saw Santee run and had that great rivalry with Bill Easton at Kansas. This book is currently being made into a feature film such as was Seabiscuit last year.
07-03-2004 Hial Gernert Let's demonstrate that track alums are a viable resource for OU
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