If you can spread this address to others, please do. Coach Lancaster feels that it will be a good way to get info out to many of her teammates and women athletes as well. They need to know for example that they are eligible for O club rings. In their early days they didn't get them.
Some of you may be able to upgrade the old records for English distances. A lot of that is missing for the indoor and outdoor all time lists. Mike Hewitt wants to believe that he is still school record holder of the seldom run 330 yard intermediate hurdles. It was a transitional distance when the NCAA or the Big 8 decided to drop the 220 yard hurdles and go toward the 440 yard hurdles. We'll humor Mike if we can.
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Well , Sooners, this is the start of the short awaited website which has been consecrated (Sooner Tracks). If you are wondering how this got started, it began the first weekend of May, 2004 while a number of us were sitting and freezing our tails at Jacobs Field during the Big 12 Meet. Many of us hadn't seen or heard from each other in 40 years and even met some older alums who were legends before we got to Norman. I met Dee Givens for the first time and Hial Genert who had known a mutual friend when he was playing baseball in the army at Ft. Quachuca. So a lot of these little stories started coming out and Walt Mizell, Mike Hewitt, and Carl Pellegrini thought a website where we could keep the past alive might be a good idea. Somehow the task was dumped on me and here we are.

I hope that you will give us some biographic material. Don't be shy about your accomplishments. We've had a lot of years of experience and I'm sure our lives will be an inspiration to many of the younger athletes. these kids running now for OU could just about be our grandchildren.

I'm hoping too that a lot of you will send reminiscences of your days at OU. We know there are many, many Jake stories as well as Bill and J.D.

Harold Keith is another old friend of the guys up to about 1970 and a lot could be written about him.

So this is a start , but the future of the site is up to you . What you want to do with it, what you think it should be. I'll try to respond to please as many of you and as many age groups as possible.


George Brose

1962. Dick Neff, Tonni Coane, Tim Leonard, Walt Mizell, and Tim Resinger start the 880 OU-KU Dual.
2004. Finish line - Womens 4x100 at Big 12 meet.

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