"Seven weeks to look, see, learn, and share some skills in Conflict Resolution…
For over a year this journey has gradually been coming together. But the seeds were sown over 40 years ago when serving in Tanzania with the Peace Corps."  

July 31, 2007     Kakamega/Lubao Training

Report on Kakamega/Lubao Training

I arrived from Kampala on Tuesday July 31 expecting to begin a three day training on the following day. However I hadn't been expected until Aug. 15 or 16. Nevertheless, I was warmly received and Getry and Janet began making phone calls to see who might be available on my dates. We ended up with eight participants including an American intern, Anna Cimino joining us. The course was cut down to two days to meet my schedule to be in Nairobi.

I was impressed with the ability of the those who attended to run a mediation, to question and participate in a very intensive session. One participant in particular, Margaret Wanyonyi , is working as a paralegal and has been doing conflict resolution for a number of years. I think the process may be very directive as is the case with a number of others I have met along the way. However I tried to state the importance of letting the parties try to decide what is best for them.

We did the course at the new Peace Center at Lubao. It was very pleasant to be away from a city for a change.