"Seven weeks to look, see, learn, and share some skills in Conflict Resolution…
For over a year this journey has gradually been coming together. But the seeds were sown over 40 years ago when serving in Tanzania with the Peace Corps."  
July 8, 2007 (Sunday)

I'm safely arrived here in Rwanda. The trip was long and tiring. But my friends were at the airport. Even attended a wedding reception the first evening before crashing on the bed.

I's a long time since I've been under a mosquito net, and it was a bit hot, but I had read the article on malaria in Nat. Geographic on the way here and I'm not taking any chances.

I taught my first course on Sunday with a group of university students and it was very rewarding to see their interest and good questioning. We all admitted that a seven hour course was a lot easier to take than forty hours and exams.

It's fairly hot and dusty here at this time of year even though Kenya and Northern Tanzania are much cooler. They said it would be even hotter in Burundi. I leave tomorrow at noon for a town called Gisenyi near the Congo border and will teach two days with some AVP facilitators. Then I'll cross into the Congo which apparently is like crossing the street at Niagara falls with even less superivsion by the immigration. Getting into Rwanda was quite easy too. I can't send pictures on this computer but will as soon as I can.

All the best, Love George