Itinerary 2008


Tentative Schedule for Mediation Training in Rwanda, Democratic Rep. of Congo, Burundi


July 9 Arrive Kigali, Rwanda    Meet with David Bucura

July 10 Meeting with Bridget Butt and David Bucura (late afternoon)

July 11/12 Training follow-up with Universite Libre Kigali  (I trained them last year)

July 13                     Free

July 14/18 Follow up training (3 days) /Mediation Practice (2 days)  Kigali, Rwanda

July 19 Travel to Goma, Democratic Rep. of Congo (DRC)

July 20  Free

July 21-25  Follow training (3 days)  Mediation Practice (2 days)  Goma, North Kivu,      DRC

July 26  Travel to Kigali

July 27  Travel to Bujumbura, Burundi

July 28-Aug. 1  Follow up training (3days) Mediation practice (2 days)  Uvira , South Kivu (DRC)

August 2  Travel to Bujumbura

August 4-8  Follow up training (3days) Mediation Practice (2days), Gitega, Burundi

August 9-11 Free

August 12-14  Regional Meeting (Follow-UP, Way Forward)

August 15   Travel to Kigali

August 16  Departure from Kigali to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

August 19  Departure Addis to US

August 20  Arrive  US.


Bridget’s explanation of the schedule


The blocks of time designated as “Follow UP Training/Mediation Practice” are 5 day blocks during which we are tentatively proposing the following schedule:  2 days of revision and introduction to Transformative Mediation for those who have not yet been trained in TM, followed by 2 days of practice training with local Peace Committees (in which you would play the role of observer), and a fifth day reserved for debriefing of the practice mediation.  If you have alternative suggestions on how to handle the 5 day blocks, we’d be delighted to hear them!   We anticipate about 20 participants in each workshop.


The final 3 day Regional Workshop will bring together some of the more accomplished trainees from all 4 program areas (Rwanda, Burundi, North Kivu, and South Kivu).  It will be an opportunity to review and share lessons learnt in the practice mediations, to reinforce areas of weakness and affirm areas of strength, and to think about the way forward for the Regional Mediation program.  We also anticipate about 20 participants in the Regional Workshop.


*N.B.  North Kivu and South Kivu are both in the DRC, but have some distinct ethnic divisions and often are in conflict on a regional basis.   Travel from N. Kivu to S. Kivu directly can be a challenge, that is partly why we’ll travel from one to the other through Rwanda and Burundi.  G.B.




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